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Justin's Old Emo Mix


My mix this time is some awesome old emo. Most of this is bands that I’m sure most of you guys have heard of if you’re into emo. It’s mostly ’90s bands, but a couple ’80s bands in there, too. But you won’t find any of that Kinsella shit here, not this time anyway, this is that post-hardcore style emo that was pretty big back in the day. This is the stuff that I’ve been really into lately

Braid - A Dozen Roses
This is one of those bands that I’m sure you all love if you’re into emo. Braid’s kinda an outlier in this mix, as they don’t sound too much like the other stuff, but I think they’re close enough to put in here.

Elthel Reserve - Calba’s Last
I found out about these guys because of a killer compilation that features The Promise Ring and Mineral. It’s called “(Don’t Forget To) Breathe” definitely check it out.

Embrace - Give Me Back
One of the very first emo bands. Ian MacKaye. I love it.

Julia - Tongue Biting
This band is pretty awesome. I hadn’t heard of them until recently, when I was looking through a guy’s youtube channel that had some more rad stuff in it.

Rites of Spring - For Want Of
Another of the first emo bands. It has Guy from Fugazi. I love it, too.

Evergreen - Laugh at Every Question
I found out about these guys because of Rafael from We Were Skeletons. He posted on facebook about this band that is from Louisville that sounded like Shotmaker. They do rule, and they do sound like Shotmaker, but I’m pretty sure he was mistaken about the Louisville thing. They’re from California, and they have the drummer from Rilo Kiley in it.

Shotmaker - Unhibited
Shotmaker rules. If you don’t know about Shotmaker, you can find their discography pretty easily. It’s a ton of tracks, and it’s rad as hell.

Still Life - Tree
Still Life is a really weird band. They are pretty experimental, and they’re really influential to a lot of these bands on here. I’m sure you guys have heard about Still Life if you’ve been listening to emo for a while.

The Jazz June - The Medicine
I think I found out about this band because of, and I’m pretty thankful for finding this album, at least. Not all of their stuff sounds like this, but the album that shares the name with this song is definitely an awesome emo album.

Boy’s Life - Tucked In
I’m going to be honest, it took me a long time to get into this band. I wasn’t really into this type of emo when I got their stuff, but I can honestly say that it has grown on me a lot. And I’m sure glad that it has.

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Justin's screamo mix


The name of the genre “screamo” is kinda off-putting to a lot of people, because screamo is mislabeled a lot of the time. I normally wouldn’t even put forth the explanation of this, but it seems appropriate in this case, because I don’t want to seem so pretentious when I say that I really like “real” screamo. However, I don’t care nearly enough to use the word “skramz”, and I honestly don’t even know what even classifies bands as skramz. That word is stupid. I digress…

Pianos Become the Teeth - Fillial
These guys are kinda big, and they deserve it. They played in Bowling Green in a basement a couple years ago, and it was awesome.

Hot Cross - Lend Me Your Brain (I’m Building an Idiot)
Hot Cross is an older band. Features members of Saetia. The guitarist was known for being really good.

Et tu Brute - Zombies Avantgarde
This band was really good. They’re kinda well known (I’ve read) although they only put out a 4 song EP.

Off Minor - Killed for Less
Off Minor also has members of Saetia. They’re a really technical band for screamo. Sometimes it’s a bit much, but this song is really good.

Ampere - Woodlawn
Ampere is huge. This song has great lyrics about a loved one dying.

…Who Calls So Loud - What I learned at the C.O.U.M.
This is a super long song, and there are only about 4 lines worth of lyrics, but for some reason this song always sticks out to me. Also, I would suggest downloading their full length, it’s a lot better than the EP.

Jowls - Bastard Dressed in Sheep’s Clothes
Jowls is a two-piece from Michigan, and they’re pretty new. I heard about them because of their split with The Reptilian. Their songs are pretty short.

June Paik - Recherche
These guys are from Germany, I think. I don’t know much about them. I like this song, and it’s one of the shortest songs on the album, so I picked it.

We Were Skeletons - This Destroys Us
These guys rule. They’re all really good at their instruments, and the music is just really good. For some reason this song always stuck out on this album.

Saetia - Closed Hands
One of the most influential screamo bands of all time. I’m not big on all of their lyrics, but I really like theline from this song “With closed hands and open arms, hold nothing.”

Orchid - …And the Cat Turned into Smoke
Orchid features Will Killingsworth, who is also the guitarist of Ampere. These guys are also one of the most influential bands in screamo. Most of their songs are shorter than this one, and a lot less melodic, I guess.

Pg. 99 - Ruiner of Life
This is another of those huge screamo bands. They’re kind of hardcore and screamo mixed. They just reunited for a couple of fests, and released something.

Kidcrash - Parrots Just Don’t Understand
I’m not a big fan of funny song names, I’ll just go ahead and put that out there. Aside from that, these guys write really good, melodic screamo. Most of the songs on this album are a lot longer than this one. Also, if you’re just wanting to listen to screamo, be careful of the Kidcrash album(s) that you get, because they’re not all screamo.

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'Local' music mix


The Wyatt and I live in Bowling Green, and Dylan might as well live here, too. Bowling Green is pretty much right in the middle of Louisville and Nashville. This mix shows some of the local Bowling Green talent, along with Nashville and Louisville bands that I’m really into. I also shamelessly threw in the bands that the 3 of us are currently in. The mix looks something like this:

BEARS! - Hardcore/screamo-y type stuff. Kinda Pg. 99.
Coliseum - Hardcore from Louisville. They’re a pretty big band
Demeanor - Grindy angry music from Franklin. I had another track of theirs on the first mix
Hollywood - Melodic hardcore from Nashville. I really like the lyrics.
Battle Path  - Doom metal from Nashville.
Little Viking - Another Nashville band. They sound a lot like a more spaced-out Weezer
No Rule - Hardcore from Bowling Green. Wyatt and I are in this band, Dylan used to be.
ManOhMan! - Pop-punk from Bowling Green. Songs about partying. I do gang vocals.
Slint - Weird. From Louisville. Kinda post hardcore.
Sixteen - Two-piece emo from Bowling Green. Wyatt and I are also in this band.
Forefathers - Kinda metalcore-y stuff from Bowling Green. Dylan plays bass in this band.
The Derby and Me - Dance-y instrumental music from Elizabethtown, Ky. The drummer is amazing.
Rainbow Kitty Kitty - Indie Pop from Bowling Green.
Smallhouse - Mathy indie music from Bowling Green. Mostly instrumental.
Dolcim - Screamo from Nashville. Not sure if this band is still around or not.

If you guys like any of these bands, make sure you look around for their music. I know Hollywood and BEARS! (and maybe ManOhMan!) has a link on their old myspace for you to download all of their stuff. Battle Path, Little Viking, No Rule, Smallhouse, and Rainbow Kitty Kitty all have stuff that you can get on their bandcamps, for free or if you want to pay for it. Sixteen has a link on their facebook to an EP. I know Demeanor has links up in various places for their “Shoulders Full of Nazis” EP, and “The Slug’s Throne”. Maybe they have a bandcamp…? I’m not sure

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Our First Mix!

This mix is kinda an introduction to the three of us. We each picked 5 of our favorite songs at this moment, and added them together.

Dylan’s songs:

Bruce Springsteen - Cautious Man
Black Flag - My War
Neurosis - Stones From the Sky
Mastodon - Mother Puncher
Ghost - Ritual

Wyatt’s songs:

Turning Point - Behind This Wall
Blacklisted - Memory Layne
American Football - Letters and Packages
The Promise Ring - All Of My Everythings
Warzone - Don’t Forget The Struggle

Justin’s Songs:

Minor Threat - In My Eyes
Magnolia Electric Co. - Nashville Moon
Owen - In the Morning, Before Work
Demeanor - A Stable Life, A Bright Future
The Beatles - Something

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