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'Local' music mix


The Wyatt and I live in Bowling Green, and Dylan might as well live here, too. Bowling Green is pretty much right in the middle of Louisville and Nashville. This mix shows some of the local Bowling Green talent, along with Nashville and Louisville bands that I’m really into. I also shamelessly threw in the bands that the 3 of us are currently in. The mix looks something like this:

BEARS! - Hardcore/screamo-y type stuff. Kinda Pg. 99.
Coliseum - Hardcore from Louisville. They’re a pretty big band
Demeanor - Grindy angry music from Franklin. I had another track of theirs on the first mix
Hollywood - Melodic hardcore from Nashville. I really like the lyrics.
Battle Path  - Doom metal from Nashville.
Little Viking - Another Nashville band. They sound a lot like a more spaced-out Weezer
No Rule - Hardcore from Bowling Green. Wyatt and I are in this band, Dylan used to be.
ManOhMan! - Pop-punk from Bowling Green. Songs about partying. I do gang vocals.
Slint - Weird. From Louisville. Kinda post hardcore.
Sixteen - Two-piece emo from Bowling Green. Wyatt and I are also in this band.
Forefathers - Kinda metalcore-y stuff from Bowling Green. Dylan plays bass in this band.
The Derby and Me - Dance-y instrumental music from Elizabethtown, Ky. The drummer is amazing.
Rainbow Kitty Kitty - Indie Pop from Bowling Green.
Smallhouse - Mathy indie music from Bowling Green. Mostly instrumental.
Dolcim - Screamo from Nashville. Not sure if this band is still around or not.

If you guys like any of these bands, make sure you look around for their music. I know Hollywood and BEARS! (and maybe ManOhMan!) has a link on their old myspace for you to download all of their stuff. Battle Path, Little Viking, No Rule, Smallhouse, and Rainbow Kitty Kitty all have stuff that you can get on their bandcamps, for free or if you want to pay for it. Sixteen has a link on their facebook to an EP. I know Demeanor has links up in various places for their “Shoulders Full of Nazis” EP, and “The Slug’s Throne”. Maybe they have a bandcamp…? I’m not sure

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